Cure of the demons

11:31 AM

Chemical symptoms.
Cure of the demons.
You're the perfect devotion.

Headband & dress: Isabelle Batz

Necklace: Zaful
Boots: Kimikorea
Shampoo , Conditioner and intimate cleanser: Green Visions


I've been trying these amazing products from Green visions and I got to admit I am in love with their shampoo and conditioner with Argan and hemp seed oils

It cleans my hair perfectly and gently. It adds a wonderful shine to it that I particularly love.

And trust me you're going to fall in love with the scent it leaves on your hair for days!

As for the intimate cleanser, I chose to try this one because I always react badly due to my sensitivity in this area.
Unfortunately this is not working for me and I had a reaction after using it.
I was a little sad since I liked the smell of it and the freshness of the product.
The texture was also very agreeable to apply so if you're not too sensitive I really suggest you to give it a try!
I personally use it to clean my body and face now. No waste!

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