Aphogee review

10:33 AM

Maintaining your hair healthy?
No problem with Aphogee.
These products are going to be your new favorites!
The first time I tried them I was amazed about the smell.
It's sweet and fresh and stays in your hair all day long!
I chose them because I wanted to give my hair a little boost during this summer.
The sun being a killing machine; I needed them to counter its damaging effect.
And what a surprise!

The Shampoo gives them more elasticity and shine. 
If your hair are a little damaged you're going to love the new sensation your hands are going to feel on your hair.

My favorite and probably the product that impressed me the most was the keratin reconstructor!
Oh my... Girls! It's the best. 
I felt like my hair was brand-new; they were super flexible and healthy.
I was completely amazed!
And guess what? It only takes 2 minutes for a spectacular result.
It's been 2 months that I did this on my hair and they are still super healthy.
I highly recommend this product, especially if your hair are damaged and you are a little disappointed about other products. 
That's the one you need!

Now let's talk about the Keratin and Green tea restructurizer!
I use this one after every shampoo and it clearly helps to maintain my hair healthy.
It's easily absorbed and don't leave any aspect on the hair when it's dry.

If your hair are damaged, react now and buy these amazing products on Aphogee.com

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