A little magical change with Clear Water Cultures

9:16 AM

A little magic today to talk about these wonderful products from Clear Water Cultures.
What's better for your skin than probiotic soaps?
You've never heard about these before? 

Let me introduce you to a new magical world.
Probiotic microorganisms are healthy bacteria necessary for your health and good development.
When chemical washing products are making your skin unbalanced; These are empowering your immune system, enhancing you assimilation to nutrients and will transform any unhealthy substances into beneficial ones.
All you need is in the soap and it will be absorbed by your skin to help you detox and heal inside and out.

It's not my first time using probiotic soaps and it has helped me to cure my acne on my body.
Not only that; it has also established a healthier area for my sensitive intimate area and unbalanced skin.

I really do suggest you to stop using washing products you can buy at the store; they are full of unnecessary chemicals and will make your immune system weaker.
Trust me I am seeing a huge difference on my skin and it's time for you too.
What I like to tell myself is "Don't trust ads. Trust the components". 

If you keep this in mind, you will surely change your old habits for a healthier life.
And I'm here to help you and make you discover things you might have never heard about that can change you for the better.

Alright magical souls, let me present you these wonderful soaps:
Lavender Luxury: I chose this wonderful soap for it's lavender benefits and scent.
Lavender is good for emotional stress, anxiety, wounds, skin problems, acne, scars, it slows aging with its powerful antioxidants and improves your sleep. 

Women's Immune Boost: I wanted to try this one because I've been suffering from intimate infections for more than 5 years after taking contraceptive pills and since that day it has been a nightmare. 
I'm still fighting from it but luckily I am starting to feel better thanks to probiotic soaps and natural treatments I've found in the long run.
I am thinking of doing a video one day on this topic so I'll share all my secrets with you soon.
So this soap is for female Problems, stress, inflammation, skin problems, hormone imbalances, immune disorders, bloating, arthritis, aches and pains, infections, fatigue, poor circulation and toxicity.

Then I got some wonderful samples. 
Love Soap: To help you increase tactile sensitivity and whole body awareness.
May it be your love potion? 

Lavender TumericThis soap is good for inflammation, skin disorders, infections and general healing.
CreamThis cream contains an infusion with over 100 medicinal herbs to help cleanse and rebuild damaged tissues. Perfect for problems areas.

They all smell devine and I'm sure you'll find the one that fits you perfectly!

Let me know your thoughts about it; would you try these and quit your cursed products from the store?
Be careful because the magic they contain will make you sign forever.

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