Troubled skin? No more trouble!

12:43 PM

Are you looking for the perfect Toner?
Here it is!
My skin tends to be really sensitive and acne grows quite easily if I do not take care of it everyday.
This Troubled Skin Toner is helping me a lot!
This is honestly my favorite toner. The smell is divine, the healing effect is very fast and effective.
Its fresh mist falls delicately on your face whenever you press it.
So refreshing!
I love that this one is all organic, not tested on animals and Vegan!
Nature is all we need and it's always a pleasure to know that nothing crazy is contained in the products we use on our skin.
The Acne serum sample is as wonderful as the Toner, the texture is agreeable and it helps a lot to cure your acne.
The soap is a wonder as well, it cleans perfectly your skin and leaves a delicate scent on it.
Mine is now all gone, this is how much I loved it.
Again, all the components are organic!

I am always so happy to collaborate with independents natural products makers. 
They are inspiring.
They create all we need to keep our skin and body on top.

So give these products a try.
You won't regret it!
You can buy them on Rainwater Botanicals

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