Highlight your femininity with Oroblu

10:46 AM

Loneliness has define the distress in my refuge.
My callings are vaporous whispers that only ghosts can hear.
I've been the quite ocean.
The devastated one ready to be the miracle devastating wave.
Nothing is always what it seems.

The necklace: Weird Brain Creation
The dress: Rosegal
The tights: Oroblu
The boots: Kimikorea


A little more about Oroblu?

If you're looking for elegant women fashion tights, you need to visit their website.
Their body-wears are made in Italy, they have beautiful leggings, wonderful women underwear and sexy lingerie.
What are you waiting for?
Elegance can't wait!



The package arrived so fast, the dress is a bit different for the pictures but it's still a beautiful one!
The shopping experience was great and easy

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