Southern Comforts

6:03 PM

Hi everyone, I'm back on the blog to share with you these amazing products by Soco Fragrance.
I received their products this month and I'm in love with them.
All of their products are vegan and cruelty free. So it's amazing for me to collaborate with a brand that respects nature, animals and our body.

One of my favorite piece is the blue Hair Frosting Shine Serum
It's perfect to apply on the hair to keep them strong and moisturized.
The ingredients are argan and sweet almond oil and guess what?
You can choose your own scent!
Mine came with the "I Fall To Pieces" and I've to tell that I'm so in love with it.
It's divine, fresh and very natural. It's like wearing a forest on the top of your head. So relaxing!

The "Walking after midnight" perfume is perfect to add in your purse so you can roll it on your skin to keep you fresh all day.

Then came the perfume samples. It's was very interesting to try all of these.
They all come with a creative name and a unique scent.
From candies, to fruits and the nature scents.

"Garden you'll never see" is clearly my favorite perfume!
It's like behind laid on a magical garden. The scent is pure, fresh and makes me feel completely peaceful.

If you're looking for a perfume, hair products and beauty products; you should definitely take a look at their website!

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