Brown Sugar Facial Scrub - Organic and Vegan - From Mommas Best Homemade

7:26 AM

Scrubbing your face is a huge step in your skin routine.
To be honest this brown sugar facial scrub is clearly the best scrubbing product I've ever tried.
It's gently scrubbing your face and hydrating your skin as well.
I love the oily aspect it leaves on my face after the process.
I don't feel the need to clean it after and I let my skin adsorbs the oil naturally. 
It keeps my skin super soft and moisturized.
All the ingredients are organic and the brown sugar is doing his job perfectly.
The olive oil is also the best nutritive oil and it prevents acne.
I personally use it 3 times a week and it also helps to reduce the dry aspect on my skin.
It's a product you can use daily without any fear and this will certainly improve your skin quality.

If you love organic and vegan's products; this facial scrub is made for you.
This is all homemade with love.
So give it a try.

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