Irresistible Me - Hair Products Review

11:12 AM


I'm now using this shampoo and conditionner for more than a week and I can tell the difference already.
I was using another brand for years and lately it became too irritant for my scalp.
I couldn't bear it anymore to be honest cause it was too agressive.
So when Irresistible Me contacted me it was the occasion to try to their hair products.

Because it's containing Argan Oil I knew that my hair and scalp would be gently cleaned. 
The shampoo and conditionner combo is just perfect to maintain my hair smooth and in a good condition. 
The perfume of these products is wonderful and they protect the hair and repair all the damage.
I'm generally applying oils on my hair before or after every shampoo.
Now that I'm using these hair products I know that my hair will keep the oil they need and stay moisturized.
My hair is soft, shinny and my crazy hair color isn't fading cause it brings the nutrition that I need to maintain it.
My scalp isn't itchy anymore and it doesn't let the hair greasy; it's nicely cleaned.

So you might understand that it's perfectly adapted for all type of hair.

These products are made in Korea; the county of beauty so I completely trust them.
It's Cruelty free and fights off all pollutants.

If you want to buy these products you can find them Here.
Trust me you'll love them!

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