Be ready for Spring with She Inside

5:01 PM

Ready for Spring?

Let's have the nature all over us when the sun will be warm, comforting and pleasant.
We want to match the spring and summer palette with this selection so don't be afraid to hit a floral print next time you go shopping.
These wonderful pieces are coming from She Inside.
And if you're not a floral fan you can always fill your cart with amazing clothes and accessories from them.
What I love about these clothes is that it's comfy, not too hot and not too cold if you match them perfectly. 
The colors are impacting but it's not too agressive so it's quite easy to mix with another piece.

Down is the fortune.


The Floral Kimono                                                                          The floral dress

Tell me what your girls think!
Are you a floral lover? Hater?
I want to know everything!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I'll come back with amazing shops and pictures soon.

BuhBye ~

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