Dresslink Wishlist

5:14 AM

Hello lovelies!
Here is the wishlist I made for you this week.
These wonders are from Dresslink.

I'm so in love with these type of blouses these days.

The designs are so unique and you can add these pieces easily to your outfits.
The lace will connect perfectly with the ton of your skin and create a wonderful contrast.
The other blouse looks wonderful with this geometric graphic.
I particularly love the cut, half way from a kimono and a chic blazer.
That's the kind of pieces I missed in my closet.
How about you? Tell me what you think!
If you're interested in these articles or just curious to visit their website; you should click here.

*Flying Kisses*

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  1. Uhh the second blouse is fantastic!


  2. I love the black kimono! <3



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