Surrealist [+Giveaway CLOSED]

10:47 AM

I'm sick of this reality.
Everything I seemed to love is just a part of my imagination.
The artist is creating.
Falling in love with his own creation.
The one that never existed.
The model is just the first step of evasion.
You're not a piece of art.
The idea, the performance, the final result are the only masterpiece.
Master Piece.

The glasses: Here
The T-shirt: Here
The jeans: Here

Today I'm collaborating with two creative brands, thanks to Style Art for this amazing T-shirt and to Polette for these trendy Glasses.



Winner: @Thunder_army

Polette and I are offering you the opportunity to win a pair of glasses.
Isn't it amazing?
You'll be able to rock your own style and select the type of correction that you need if you're the winner.
All you have to do is to follow us on Instagram and to comment the picture to enter the giveaway.
Click here if your want to participate.
I'll announce the winner in 1 week > [ October 9 ] on the Instagram picture.

They're the online optical leader so it's a shame if you miss this opportunity.
They offer a low price quality service and products so feel  free to buy your own pair.

Their Concept and History.

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